The Olympic Stadium


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The Olympic Stadium was built on the same basis as that of the Stadio dei Cipressi which was planned by architect Mario Moretti. The new project was planned by Prof. Carlo Roccatelli and architect Annibale Vitellozzi.
The Stadium is situated on an area of land measuring 90,000 sq. m. and covers 33,500 sq. m. of this. The external perimeter has a length of 1,200 metres.
The public has access to the Stadium through 10 external gates and reach their places through 59 corridors. The stadium can be emptied in a maximum of 11 minutes.
  • total capacity, if necessary, for up to 90,000 spectators;
  • symmetrically oval in shape in respect to both axes;
  • main axis measures 319 metres externally and 205.80 internally;
  • minor axis measures 186 metres externally and 94.40 internally;
  • field level is 4.50 metres below road level;
  • maximum height of the tiers in respect to the field is 20.50 metres.
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