The Palazzo dello Sport


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The Palazzo dello Sport rises on the hill overlooking the artificial lake and dominates the whole of the E.U.R. zone. The Viale Cristoforo Colombo, which crosses the lake in two arms, encompasses an area where besides the sports venue are included spacious parking lots and gardens. The Management of the E.U.R. completed and embellished this new construction by creating, beneath the building, a characteristic fountain which, with a series of waterfalls, set in a harmonious setting of green, goes to swell the waters of the artificial lake of some 900 metres in length.
  • Area covered 11,680 sq. metres;
  • Cubic capacity 300,000 cub. metres;
  • External diameter 122 metres;
  • Internal diameter of dome 100 metres;
  • Maximum height from competition arena to dome 34.50 metres;
  • Heating capacity of conditioning plant 2,600,000 cal/hr.;
  • Cooling capacity of conditioning plant 1,100,000 fr/hr.
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