The Grottarossa circuit / C.Colombo


Description and technical data
The team road cycling event was organised along the Viale Cristoforo Colombo, with start and finish opposite the Olympic Velodrome, and the individual road event on the Grotta-rossa Circuit, this being an almost perfect triangle formed from the beginning of Via Flaminia and the end section of the Via Cassia.
For the team race, large stands were set up in the immediate vicinity of the Velodrome with a capacity of 7,500 places. In the area opposite the Velodrome, as the Stadium was used for the technical and organisational requirements of the event, places were provided for the public.
The organisation in connection with the road events was far more complex as it was a question of providing for all the internal and external requirements on a much larger scale but nevertheless similar to those called for by an ordinary stadium.