Pratoni del Vivaro


Descrizione e Caratteristiche Tecniche
Pratoni del Vivaro was the site of the 3-day riding events. The zone is situated in a valley near Rocca di Papa between Via dei Laghi and Via Latina for a total length of about 10 kms. and covers an area of some 133 hectares, between a frame of mountains.
The locality, which is some 35 kms. from Rome, was chosen for the special variety of the ground, which was considered highly suitable for the requirements of the competition, and for the large stretches of grassy meadows and natural obstacles.
Pratoni del Vivaro, situated at an average height of 500 metres above sea-level, also guaranteed, even in the periods of greatest heat, an ideal temperature which never rose above 25—26°C.
At Pratoni del Vivaro a number of services of a permanent nature were realised, developed and completed on the occasion of the Games with structures of a temporary nature. More particularly, a building was set up to contain all the competition services, a series of stables to accommodate 120 horses, of which 40 in a permanent structure and 80 distributed throughout three blocks of stables made out of prefabricated reinforced concrete.
As annexes to the services for horses, a complex was set up for use as storehouses, materials, forage, veterinary infirmary, kitchen and rest premises for the personnel on duty.
Participants in the Olympic event of Modern Pentathlon carried out the riding event on a 5 km. course at Passo Corese. This site, 35 kms. from Rome, assured the perfect staging of the event as the route followed already disposed of arrangements that had been made for international events of this nature.
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