Shooting range Umberto I


Description and technical data
The Olympic Shooting Range is located in the same area as that of the former Umberto I Shooting Range in Viale Lazio. Of this former range, there only remains the building reserved for services which was naturally re-moder nized. It was built in accordance with most modern technical principles and was designed by architect Maurizio Clerici (with Eng. Giulio Palmonella in charge of the work). The range includes 2 separate installations each measuring 88 × 56 metres. One of these is reserved for 50-metre shooting competitions and is covered by a 10-metre wide transparent roof running the total length of 88 metres. It has a total of 40 shooting lanes. 3 large walls in concrete covered with wood and a back wall, 6.50 metres high and 1.50 metres wide, provide the necessary safety precautions.